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B R E E D I N G    A G R E E M E N T
(for the 2013 season.)

Mare Owner

Date:    ________________________
Name:  __________________________________________________________________________
City:     ______________________________State____________________Zip _________________
Home Phone:   ____________________________Business Phone:___________________________
Email Address ____________________________________________________________________

Mare Information

Name of Mare______________________________________________________________
Registration Number:   TWHBEA________________ Other__________________________________
Is Mare Registered with any other Breed Registry?  Registry____________________#___________
Name of Person(s) to whom the mare is registered:_______________________________________
Name of Stallion to be Bred  To:  _______________________________Stud Fee________________

Mare must have Current negative Coggins and be current on all shots, including Strangles and
West Nile, before entering property.  Please have proof of same with you.

Board:             Mare                           $  7.50 Per Day             
                         Mare/Colt                 $10.00 Per Day

This Breeding Agreement is subject to the following conditions:

PAYMENT OF FEES:  Stud Fee, mare care and any other expenses (shoeing, vet, etc.) to be paid in full when mare is picked up from Slush Creek Walkers.  (Make checks payable to Slush Creek Walkers.)  Stud fees paid and not used are not refundable and may not be applied to other expenses. (Foal registration papers and breeding certificates will not be furnished until the mare owner’s account is in good standing.)

LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE:  Should the mare fail to produce a foal which stands and nurses, the mare owner shall be entitled to rebreed the mare or a substitute mare for a period of one year from the date of this agreement or the date of the loss of the foal.  There will be no additional breeding fee for a rebreed, but all other veterinary fees, board fees and transported semen fees shall apply.  Failure to notify Slush Creek Walkers in a timely manner shall result in the loss of the live foal guarantee and return privileges.  This clause is also binding in the case of an abortion.

The mare owner fully understands, authorizes, and assumes the special risk inherent in breeding with the use of transported semen or live cover of the mare.  Mare Owner also understands the risk of failure due to many variables and shall hold Slush Creek Walkers and the stallion owner harmless for any losses suffered due to an unsuccessful attempt at conception.

Mark or Shellie Pacovsky or any other person associated with Slush Creek Walkers shall not be liable for the death, sickness and/or accident, including consequential damages caused to the mare and/or foal, and mare owner agrees to hold Mark or Shellie Pacovsky or any other person associated with Slush Creek Walkers harmless for any and all damages associated herewith.

Should the stallion to which you are breeding become unfit for service or be sold prior to your mare’s conception, but after payment of the breeding fee, the breeding fee may be applied to another Slush Creek walkers stallion.  Mare owner, stallion owner, Slush Creek Walkers and all associates therewith shall be released from this agreement, thereby making it null and void.  Stud fees are not refundable.

This agreement constitutes and represents the entire agreement between the parties.  Mare Owner acknowledges and agrees that no warranties or guarantees of any kind or character, expressed or implied, (other than the Live Foal Guarantee policy as set forth above), have been made or extended by Slush Creek Walkers, Mark or Shellie Pacovsky or anyone associated with them regarding either the services rendered or to be rendered or the breeding of the mare or this breeding agreement.

The terms of this agreement have been read and agreed upon by:

_________________________________________________                      ______________________

                                     Mare Owner                                                                                             Date

_________________________________________________                      ______________________

                               Slush Creek Walkers                                                                                    Date

Special Needs of Mare and/or Colt _____________________________________________________